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Bringing the Legacy of the Greatest Generation to the Last Generation

The American Veterans Center is honored to have the privilege of preserving the legacy of America’s servicemen and women of every generation. The Center knows “that it  is essential to honor and remember not only the veterans we have among us today but also the veterans who have passed away and the many service members who have died while fighting for our freedom” … the Center’s dream is “that all Americans, especially the youth, will never forget the sacrifices that were made by American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines throughout our history to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today…“

The American Veterans Center, Germarmi Corp and Patrick Porter hosted Aleethia’s Friday Night Dinner on January 13, 2012 held at the historic Army Navy Club in Washington DC.

The Army and Navy Club traces its beginning to December 1885 when seven officers -- all Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the Mexican and Civil wars -- met to form the United Service Club. In 1891, the Club was reincorporated as The Army and Navy Club, and on October 15, 1891, the Board of Governors held its first meeting. Almost 100 years later, the Club, after extensive renovation, reopened and was formally dedicated by President Ronald W. Reagan on January 12, 1988.

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