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Aleethia Dinners
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July 2011 Dinners hosted by Capitol Hill Club...two special evenings

It may be hot in Washington DC during July, but the CHC Chef always provides a special table filled with cool and yummy desserts!

Gail, a kind friend of Aleethia, had a bean bag animal assortment that was sent to be distributed to the children of the injured service members as well as some of our “big kids!” It was a generous and thoughtful gift from a lovely lady that brought smiles to all who received one of these tiny animals.

Leon Rogina, a cane carver who lives in Wyoming had sent seven one-of-kind carved canes to be given to the injured service members. Each cane was unique in its symbolic design, had a gemstone inlay, carved eagle head handle and hidden angels. Leon carves the eagle on the canes “because according to the Native American beliefs, the eagle is very sacred and carries the prayers up into the heavens.” He has generously caved these priceless canes for years for the injured service members and veterans. Leon said that knowing “where they went, who they went to and the purpose they served was more of a reward for me, then the money ever could be.”

On behalf of the injured service members who were delighted to receive these unique canes…we thank Leon for his generosity.

Wind River Mountains in Wyoming

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