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Aleethia Dinners
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The Irish Channel Restaurant and Pub

An Irish “Steak!” for Aleethia’s Friday Night Dinner on September 10, 2010.

A night of Irish hospitality, served with a cheerful smile and a touch of home was the site for Aleethia’s Friday Night Dinner on September 10, 2010 at the Irish Channel Pub.

The Stack Brothers Didn't Just Choose a Pub – They Grew Up In One … For the Stacks, it's a family tradition. Tom and Garry Stack, along with their brother Mort and sister Norah, grew up over Stack's Pub in Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland. Their parents, Tom and Peg Stack, opened the bar and lounge in 1953, and spent the next 40 years growing a business and raising a family on Main Street.

The Irish Channel experience shows the difference history can make.

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