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Splendida Serata!

Aleethia Foundation wishes to thank the Lido Club of Washington DC for hosting a “Friday Night Dinner” held on September 27, 2013 at the Knights of Columbus Rock Creek Mansion in Bethesda, Maryland. Members of the Lido Club served an array of Italian dishes including Arancini, Lasagna, Chicken Picatta, Cannoli and more.

The Lido Civic Club of Washington, DC was established in 1929 with the primary goal of assisting recent immigrants become assimilated into the ways of American business. As Italian Americans in the Washington area have become more successful and affluent, the goals of the Club have shifted towards more civic minded activities that help not only Italian Americans but the Washington Metropolitan area in general. For over 84 years the Club has brought together Washington area Italian American businessmen to enjoy not only their shared business interest but also their Italian American culture while volunteering in various philanthropic activities.

Thank you Lido Club of Washington DC for your continuous support of Aleethia Foundation’s “Friday Night Dinner” program since 2009!


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