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How The Aleethia Foundation Began

The Aleethia Foundation was started to provide a method of tax-deductible contributions to fund Friday Night Dinners at Fran O’Brien’s Stadium Steakhouse. In the process of providing the dinners, we found some of the troops in need of small financial grants ($1,500 to $2,500) to bridge different financial situations. We then expanded our mission to providing as many of these small grants as we could. We also found a need to do more than just the dinners, so we started supplying other short-term recreational activities such as sightseeing drives, trips to movies, sporting events and smaller dinner situations.

Aleethia continues to operate on a volunteer basis.

What does "Aleethia" mean?

"Aleethia" is the Greek word for Truth. The Truth about war is that there will be casualties. Also, Truth is the essence of what the "Friday Night Dinners" convey – that America appreciates the sacrifices of these fine men and women, that they will heal and regain their lives with their families and that they can be proud of their service.

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