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Aleethia’s “Friday Night Dinners”

10 Year Reunion
"Friday Night Dinners"

Thank You for making this 10 year Reunion a Realty
Bringing 10 years of injured service members together!

The Aleethia Foundation supports recently injured troops in their rehabilitation upon returning home

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Aleethia Foundation:

Thank you for visiting the Aleethia Foundation's website. Aleethia is proud to play a role in supporting injured service members and their families through the early phases of the healing process. We are a small, all volunteer non-profit dedicated to helping the newly injured troops.

Aleethia provides “Friday Night Dinners” which were originally started in October 2003 when the injured began arriving at the military medical centers. These dinners are an integral part of the healing process. Aleethia brings the injured service members to a safe and accepting environment and shows them that life is still good, that they do not need to stay in their hospital rooms agonizing over what they have lost or how their lives have changed. Most of the dinners are paid for by contributions from individuals. Some corporations and organizations will sponsor the entire or partial costs of a “Friday Night Dinner.” A dinner can cost from $4,000 to $8,000 per week based upon number of attendees and venue.


The Aleethia Foundation has several programs:

Please visit the events portion of Aleethia’s website to see photos of the wonderful troops that have been so seriously injured enjoying a night out from the hospital. While most of the troops are combat wounded, some have been injured in other ways. Some of the injuries are from accidents in a combat zone, just not inflicted during combat operation. We support all troops that have put on the uniform for this country. How the injury was received is not of concern to us. We appreciate their service and sacrifices for our freedoms.

Thank you for visiting the Aleethia Foundation. Your support for the service members is greatly appreciated.

The Aleethia Foundation appreciates all support. You can contribute to the support of our programs by going to the Donate section of this website.

While injured troops receive medical care to heal their physical wounds, The Aleethia Foundation honors them with opportunities to enjoy some time away from the hospital environment. Troops say these occasions make them feel truly "at home".

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