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At this time, the Aleethia Foundation does not have a formal program in place for general volunteers on a regular basis. Our Volunteer needs are usually for special events, fundraising, clothing and furnishing requests, etc. Only Aleethia’s certified peer volunteers are permitted to visit the injured service members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) and the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC). There are privacy restrictions and agreements that we have established with WRAMC and NNMC.

Door Prizes for “Friday Night Dinners”: Individuals, organizations and corporations can volunteer to collect door prizes that are provided at Aleethia’s weekly Friday Night Dinners. Items have ranged from boxes of candy, DVD’s, MP3 players, IPod shuffles, watches, radios, books, games, Nintendo Wii to flat screen televisions.

Gift Cards: Aleethia Foundation collects gift cards from Dunkin Donuts and Subway (both are located at WRAMC and NNMC). Gift cards are given to injured service members and their family members while they are going through the recovery process at WRAMC and NNMC to help with unmet financial needs. The most requested gift cards are Target, Macy’s, CVS, Roman Macaroni, Red Lobster, Chili’s and other local restaurants, Safeway grocery cards and gasoline cards. Travelers Checks and Visa gift cards are a big help with emergency aid.

For additonal information on these programs contact: margaret@aleethia.org

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